the revolution of digital health

comedown's goal is to measure and display the body functions of young people who like to party in order to support them through the negative experience of a hangover or a comedown. providing individual support through a digital companion we measure vital parameters, display them through an app and give tips to overcome the negative emotions that occur after a night out. why? because our goal is to create a better relationship between people and their substance consumption behavior.

improve biological performance

living a regular everyday life but not giving up on the fun. why should you - we are young and want to take advantage of it as we please. but this does not mean that we necessarily have to live with the negative consequences. 

how it works

we know that sounds extraordinary - but not impossible. we explain how by measuring your vital parameters with a wearable device that is connected to your smartphone where you can gain new insights into your physical condition, learn to understand it and actively change negative consequences.

measure and display

we offer you to measure vital parameters that you choose to be measured with a wearable device that sends the data in real-time to the comedown app on your smartphone. 


there might be a lot of input. but don't worry. we make sure you understand everything you need to know: from simple body functions to party drugs.


experiencing the comedown might be a difficult situation full of negative emotions. we offer you suggestions aligned to your data to change this.