what makes us different?

You've probably noticed that there are some trends that are hard to imagine life without. comedown unites them all and offers you a product that you've never seen before.

wearable smart devices - from applewatch and fitbit, to smart rings, to home monitoring for health concerns. nowadays many different vital signs can be measured. we only combine and revolutionize what is already there.

"work-life-party"-balance - even if you don't live in Berlin, you may have noticed that the working rhythm of the new generation can vary. especially in the startup scene, regular drinking and what else goes with it outside (and within) working hours is not uncommon. We want to keep this fun and help you to better assess the consequences.

improve biological performance - healthy nutrition, lots of exercise, some superfruits and vitamins here and there: everyone just wants to stay fit. not only do we want to maintain your performance, we also want to support it positively by familiarizing you with the information that is adapted to your measured data. so that you can decide how you want to do good to your body and mind.